What is Title I Math and Reading?

Title I is a federally funded program for children who need extra support in reading and math.  Title I is part of the federal legislation “No Child Left Behind.”  The district receives federal funds to support supplementary reading instruction for students in grades Kindergarten through seventh grade.  These funds also support supplementary math instruction for students in grades Kindergarten through fourth grade.  Title I funds are used to support programs in school buildings that are eligible based on census data.  District funds are used in schools that do not qualify for federal monies.

What Kind of Instruction Does a Child Receive?

A child included in the Title I Program will continue to have classroom reading and math instruction.  In addition, students will receive instruction that is supplemental to the classroom.  A Title I teacher may help in the classroom or may provide extra support in a small group setting.  The small group setting will offer an additional opportunity for learning to take place.

Every attempt is made to schedule small group instruction at a time that will avoid conflict with and direct classroom instruction.  This is usually scheduled when students are involved in independent work such as center time, independent reading and practice activities.  In–class support happens during reading and math classes.  Title I teachers may teach model lessons, co-teach (cooperatively share the instruction to promote better student learning), or assist individuals during the lessons.