History of Clearview Elementary School

In 1927, an elementary school was built on North 5th Street. The new school resulted in the closing of four one-room schools encompassing first through eighth grades. Those four schools were the Spoke Factory School on Tanite Road, Loder’s School on Chipperfield Drive, Boise School, located a few feet north of Clearview Elementary’s present site, and a school in Analomink. The Boise school still stands because the old deed to the property on which the building is located stipulates “the school cannot be demolished and must be maintained”.

The ‘new school’ consisted of four rooms, two grades per room, and an unfinished basement. Students walked or were bused to Clearview. The school buses of 1927 were called sardine cans because students were packed in tightly. Within a short time Clearview School was overcrowded and Boise School was opened for classes. Clearview was enlarged, the students were returned to Clearview, and Boise School closed again.

In 1981, Mrs. Mary Meixell, one of the first students to attend Clearview, donated a history/photo album of Clearview School to the Monroe Historical Association, 900 Main Street, Stroudsburg. The album contains priceless pictures of the first school, buses, teachers, and first principal.

Clearview Elementary